Durų kontroleris – skaitytuvas MATRIX IIK autonominis 125KHz

Durų kontroleris – skaitytuvas MATRIX IIK autonominis 125KHz

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Matrix II K is the standalone acccess control system controller and combines functionality of the controller and reader in a single case. Matrix II K controller is perfect in cases where there is no need to install the controller separately from the reader. It’s designed for managemanet of the electromagnetic and electromechanical locks.

Matrix II K controller allows you to connect the reader or the exit button, the electromagnetic or electromechanical lock, external buzzer, external LED, door opening sensor.

Purpose: Lock
Controller type: Standalone
Keys count: 1364
Types of recordable keys: Normal, Master, Blocking
Key types: RFID (Proximity)
External readers protocol: iButton (1-Wire)
Operating modes (basic): Normal, Blocking, Free, Wait
Operating modes (advanced): Accept, Trigger
Access point types: Door
Actuator types: Electromagnetic, Electromechanical
Built-in reader: Yes
Built-in reader operating frequency: 125 KHz
Built-in reader standard: EM Marine
Built-in reader reading range (cm): 2–8
Non-volatile memory (EEPROM): Yes
Controller memory backup and restore using DS1996 key: Yes
Controller programming using adapter: Yes
Voltage: 12V DC
Current consumption (mA): 45
Bleeper: Buzzer
Visual indication: 1 x 2-colored LED
Electromagnetic lock opening duration (s): 0–220
Electromechanical lock opening duration (s): 0–220
MIS transistors count: 1
MIS transistors maximum current (A): 5А
Invalid connection protection: Yes
Operating temperature (°C): -30…+40
Case material: ABS polymer
Dimensions (mm): 85х44х18

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