TCP/IP sąsaja vidiniams centralės moduliams, GFE J-NET-INT-TCP/IP

TCP/IP sąsaja vidiniams centralės moduliams, GFE J-NET-INT-TCP/IP

Kategorija: Gaisrinės sistemos
Gamintojas: Global Fire Equipment
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The J-NET-INT-TCP/IP interface is used when connecting any of GFE’s range of Fire Detection panels to Repeaters or Sub-Panel, using TCP/IP protocol within a Local Area Network (LAN). Please note that sub-panels can only be
interfaced to JUNO NET panels.

Both 10/100 Mbps speeds are supported by this device and communication rate is automatically set depending on the type of network to which the device is connected.

Interface is easily configured using LAN communications using Telnet. Alternatively the interface can also be configured using terminal emulation software via the serial port provided in the form of a D-Type 9 pin miniature connector.

Two Red LEDs on the interface board will assist the user when monitoring the system communication status.




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