Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM), Inner Range Integriti INTG-996012PCB&K

Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM), Inner Range Integriti INTG-996012PCB&K

Kategorija: Įeigos kontrolė
Gamintojas: Inner range
Kodas: INTG-996012PCB&K
Modelis: INTG-996012PCB&K
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• Offline 2,000 user card cache
• RS-485 Reader connectivity (up to 4 SIFER or compatible OSDP Readers)
• Entry and exit readers for both doors when using Inner Range SIFER or third party
OSDP readers
• Reader options to control Doors, Lifts, Areas and Keypad User Logon
• Supports Wiegand card readers up to 88bits
• Wiegand reader outputs with individual self-resetting overcurrent protection
• Aperio, SimonsVoss, Salto Sallis integration – up to 2 Doors via RS-485 Reader port
• Dedicated lock power input
• External Integriti power supply connection
• Full monitoring of external Integriti SMART power supply
• Heavy duty lock relays
• Reader Valid & Invalid outputs
• Door reed & tongue sense inputs per door
• Door request to enter & exit inputs per door
• DOTL relay outputs per door
• Dedicated cabinet tamper input
• RS-485 LAN connectivity
• Over-The-Wire firmware upgradeable
• Small PCB size 200 x 95mm
• Built-in module locater buzzer

Enclosure Options: Small – 252(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm): Part# 995200PE2 or 995200PE3 – houses 1 x 996012*
Medium – 460(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm): Part# 995201PE2, 995201PE3 or 995201PE8 – houses up to 3 x 996012*
XLarge – 702(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm): Part# 995203PE2, 995203PE3 or 995203PE8 – houses up to 5 x 996012*
WideBody – 580(L) x 510(W) x 95(D) (mm): Part# 995204PE3 or 995204PE8 – houses up to 6 x 996012*
Rack Mount – 2RU 680(L) x 420(W) x 85(D) (mm): Part# 995220PE2, 995220PE3 or 995220PE8 – houses up to 4 x 996012*
PCB Size Code: Integriti “B” size
PCB Dimensions: 200(L) x 94(W) x 45(D) (mm)
Weight: 8.2 k.g. (Based on medium enclosure, mains transformer, 7AH battery and cover)
Installation Environment: 0ºC – 70ºC @15% – 90% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Electrical (For PCB Only)
Power Supply Input: 11V to 14VDC
Current Consumption: 110mA standby. 175mA with lock relays on
NOTE: Current consumption does not include the current required by readers or other external devices such as locks, buzzers, lamps or any device attached to the DOTL, Valid, Invalid and RS-485 Reader connections
Over Current Protection: Reader +V connections. Protected with self-resetting PTC’s
Contact Ratings
Lock Relays: 5 Amps @ 30VDC
DOTL Relays: 1 Amp @ 30VDC (Door Open Too Long output)
Lock 1 & 2: Includes Lock+, Lock-, NO/COM/NC
Door 1 & 2: Includes Reed, 2 x 0v, Tongue, REN, REX, DOTL contacts
Wiegand Reader 1 & 2: Includes Valid, Invalid, 0V, Reader+, D1, D0, ARM
Lock Power: Includes Lock+, Lock- connections from external PSU
Cabinet Tamper: 2 pin connection for cabinet tamper switch
RS-485 LAN: 1, Includes LAN+, LAN-, A, B. (LAN addressing set via DIP switches)
RS-485 Reader Port: 1, Supports up to 4 Inner Range SIFER or compatible OSDP readers, or 1 Salto Sallis, Aperio or SimonsVoss wireless access control hub
External Power Supply Monitoring (Compatible with Inner Range 3 & 8Amp SMART PSU’s)
AC Fail: External PS AC Fail
Low Battery: External PS Low Battery
LAN Fuse: External PS LAN Fuse
Detector Fuse: External PS Detector Fuse
Low Volts: External PS Low Volts
PSU Fail: External PS Fai

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