Universalus išplėtėjas 32(16) zonų (tik išplėtimas ir jungtys), Inner Range Concept 995004PCB&K

Universalus išplėtėjas 32(16) zonų (tik išplėtimas ir jungtys), Inner Range Concept 995004PCB&K

Kategorija: Apsaugos sistemos
Gamintojas: Inner range
Kodas: 995004EXP
Modelis: 995004PCB&K
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The Universal Expander Module provides an additional 16 zone inputs, 8 auxiliary outputs and 2 siren drivers, expandable 32 zone inputs & 32 auxiliary outputs. Various optional input and output extender boards are also available and the optional Lift Interface Board enables extensive control and monitoring of lift car operation and floor access. Up to 32 floors may be controlled and monitored per Universal Expander using up to four optional Lift Interface Boards (IR-994020) and a Lift Extension Cable (IR-995019). See the “Input/Output Peripherals” and the “General Purpose Output Expansion” sections of this website for more expansion options.

  • Choice of 7 EOL Resistor value schemes
  • Extra detector power outputs
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Two independent siren driver outputs
  • Expandable Input & Output options
  • Relay Output options available

Cabinet Dimensions: 460(L) x 358(W) x 85(D) (mm)
PCB Dimensions: 180(L) x 180(W) x 40(D) (mm)
Installation Environment: 0° – 40°C @ 15% to 85% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Cabinet Battery Bracket: To suit 12V 7AH Sealed Lead Acid battery
PCB versions
Mains Input Voltage: 240VAC 50Hz 240VAC 50Hz
Mains Input Current: 100mA 500mA
Input Voltage to PCB: 16-18VAC 16-18VAC
Fuse Protection: Separate fuses for battery, Siren 1, Siren 2,
LAN & Detector Power
Current Consumption
Total Current Limit: 1.3A
Operational Current (No peripherals connected): 150mA
Recommended current allowance for battery charging: 300mA
Available Current (for detectors, auxiliaries, relays, etc): 700mA
Zone Inputs: 16 (Expandable to 32 with optional 16 Zone Expansion board 995006)
Separate Cabinet Tamper Input: Yes
Siren Outputs: 2 (Internal & External) Max load: 2 x 8 Ohm,10W siren speakers
Outputs: (Open Collector) 8 (Expandable to 32 with optional 24 Auxiliary Expansion board 995007)
Max. switchable current per Aux.: Aux.1&2:500mA, Aux.3-8:200mA
Relays: Expandable to 24 with optional 8 Relay Expander boards 995082E- replaces Auxiliaries 9-32

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