RS232 / LAN modulis IFS7002 centralėms, UniPOS RS-LAN

RS232 / LAN modulis IFS7002 centralėms, UniPOS RS-LAN

Kategorija: Gaisrinės sistemos
Gamintojas: Unipos
Kodas: RS-LAN
Modelis: RS-LAN
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The interface module RS-LAN is an auxiliary device for establishment the communication of Fire Control Panels, manufactured by UniPOS with a personal computer through the internet network. The operation of the module is ensured by software, including not only the installation of virtual COM port into the personal computer but service software for the Fire Control Panels.The module can be used as included in system 7000 for connection of the control panel with a computer at greater distances or to be included in a network of conventional control panels and remote control panel for indication FS5200R, as a real substitute for the relevant environment (RS232 or RS485) to the existing Ethernet network (LAN).

Technical data

Supply voltage: (12-28)V DC (the module is power supplied by terminal +28V from the Control Panel)
Consumption: up to 50 mA
Operational temperature range: from minus 5°С to plus 40°С
Relative humidity resistance: (93±3)% at 40°С
Dimensions (base not included): (105х45х22) mm

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