Slaugės iškvietimo ekranas su valdymo mygtukais Quantec QT608C

Slaugės iškvietimo ekranas su valdymo mygtukais Quantec QT608C

Gamintojas: Quantec
Kodas: QT608C
Modelis: QT608C
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papildoma informacija
Atsisiųsti specifikaciją
  • Ekrane rodoma informacija apie iškvietimus;
  • Jei iškvietimų nėra, ekrane rodomas laikas;
  • Įmontuoti valdymo ir iškvietimo priėmimo mygtukai;
  • Montavimui reikalinga NCP-10 arba NCP-11 dėžutė.
  • A 16 character x 2 line display used to indicate incoming calls in corridors, staff rooms, nursing stations, etc.
  • Includes an onboard sounder and buttons to accept, scroll through and manually divert calls.
  • Shows call type, call location and (depending on the device used to make the call) the User ID or name of the person calling.
  • Highest priority calls are shown first with a message saying how many calls are waiting.
  • Flash and sounder rates intensify to reflect the urgency of incoming calls.
  • Adjustable contrast and volume controls.
  • External sounder connection.
Power requirements Nominal 24V DC (from Quantec Controller/Network).
Quiescent current 5mA (with back light off).
Indicators 2 line x 16 character backlit LCD display.
Controls Accept (A); Scroll Up; Scroll Down. Adjust contrast; Adjust volume; Enable internal/external beeper.
Connections Net +: Net –
Expansion connections External sounder connection (current sink to the NET- line rated at 30 V, 30mA, 300 mW dissipation max.)
Onboard Sounder Yes.
Onboard Infrared Receiver No.
Product dimensions (mm) 146 W x 87 H x 35 D mm. Mount on a 35mm deep back box.
Construction & finish Plastic.
IP Rating IP40.
Weight 166g.
Operating conditions/temperature -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.
Product dimensions: 146 W x 87 H x 36 D mm. Mounts on a 35mm UK double gang back box.
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