Kontroleris – skaitytuvas Roger PR312MF-G su klaviatūra 13.56MHz

Kontroleris – skaitytuvas Roger PR312MF-G su klaviatūra 13.56MHz

Kategorija: Įeigos kontrolė
Gamintojas: Roger
Kodas: PR312MF
Modelis: PR312MF-G
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PRxx2 series controllers can work as autonomous access control units as well as in an integrated network access control system with CPR exchanges.
In autonomous mode, PR312 controllers can supervise a two-way door without the need for communication with master devices, events are recorded in the internal buffer of the controller, and time-related functions are controlled by its internal clock.
Access control system based on PR312 controllers can be managed locally through COM or USB serial ports or remotely via a WAN / LAN computer network.

  • 12 VDC power supply
  • built-in MIFARE® card reader only PR312MF
  • built-in speaker
  • built-in keyboard
  • work in external conditions
  • 3 programmable input and output lines
  • 1.5 A / 30 V relay output
  • tamper protection
  • remote programming from a computer
  • RS485 communication interface, RACS Clock & Data
  • cooperation with RFT1000 readers
  • up to 4 thousand users
  • 32 thousand events in the built-in buffer
  • 33 million events in the buffer in the subsystem equipped with CPR32-NET
  • real time clock
  • user groups
  • access zones
  • time schedules
  • access control in elevators (XM-8 required)
  • Local anti-passback
  • Global anti-passback (CPR32 required)
  • bank lock
  • functions: commission input, conditional input, high security mode
  • support for turnstiles (tripods) (XM-2 recommended)
  • barrier service
  • randomly assigning users for control
  • integration with work time registration (RCP Master)
  • integration with alarm systems
  • integration with CCTV (CCTV-DVR)
  • CE mark
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