Kontroleris – skaitytuvas Roger PR312EM su klaviatūra

Kontroleris – skaitytuvas Roger PR312EM su klaviatūra

Kategorija: Įeigos kontrolė
Gamintojas: Roger
Kodas: PR312EM
Modelis: PR312EM
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Atsisiųsti specifikaciją
  • built-in EM 125 kHz proximity reader
  • backlit keyboard 
  • the possibility of attaching an additional external reader (bilateral access control)
  • cooperation with PRT (Roger) and  biometric readers of the RFT1000 series (Roger)
  • power supply: 12V DC
  • two programmable transistor outputs 1A
  • possibility of outdoor installation
  • communication via RS485
  • taupe
  • three programmable NO / NC input lines
  • one programmable relay output 30V / 1.5A
  • any communication bus topology
  • 4000 users, 99 time schedules, 250 access groups
  • 32,000 events in the internal memory buffer
  • local, global (CPR ROGER control panel required) anti-passback
  • the possibility of connecting an XM-2 type I / O expander
  • integration with the alarm system via the I / O line
  • door modes: normal, locked, unlocked and conditionally unlocked
  • identification modes: card or PIN, card and PIN, card only, PIN only
  • two users function, double identification mode and other advanced KD functions
  • quick update of user permissions in less than 5 seconds for one controller in the system
  • system management via LAN / WAN computer network or COM / USB serial port
  • the option of dividing the system into subsystems
  • housing: tightness class (IP67)
  • anti-tamper protection (tamper)
  • connection cable: 0.5m

PR312EM  by Roger  is an advanced controller for single door which can work as a standalone access unit or in a network access control system together with CPR centers. The device is characterized by high functionality, high reliability and quality at the highest level. Control is carried out using  125kHz  UNIQUE proximity cards or from the 14-key keyboard . In stand-alone mode, the PR 312 EM controller  can supervise a two-way transition without the need to communicate with master devices, events are recorded in the controller’s internal buffer, and time-related functions are controlled by its internal clock. Access control system based on the PR312 series controller can be managed locally via COM / USB serial ports or remotely via a computer LAN / WAN. The device is adapted to work both inside and outside of objects.

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