Fotoelementų pora IR30 (YET607)

Fotoelementų pora IR30 (YET607)

Kategorija: Įeigos kontrolė
Kodas: M001
Modelis: M001
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Alarm system infrared photocell beam sensor is suitable for all kinds of doors and windows. It can convert optical signals into electrical signals and send them to the alarm system to complete the alarm.

Power Supply: 12~24V AC/DC
Wave Length: 940nm
Technology: Infrared
Operating current <=12mA
Operation frequency 303MHZ/310MHZ/315MHZ/433.92MHZ optional
Transmit power >=10mW
Transmission speed 50-60KHz
Frequency windage ±0.2MHz
Transmission distance 100meters (open space)
Oscillation resistance Per customer’s request
Chip and operating mode:
– Hopping code(HC301,300,200 and so on);
– code(2262,2260 and so on);
– Learning code(1527,2240,HT6P20B,HT6P20D and so on);
– Copy code
Use: Universal
Dimensions: Length: 76mm, width: 21.6mm, height: 48.2mm

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