Sieninis garsiakalbis 6W/100V, BOSCH LB1-UW06L

Sieninis garsiakalbis 6W/100V, BOSCH LB1-UW06L

Kategorija: Garsiakalbiai
Gamintojas: Bosch
Kodas: PALB1-UW06L
Modelis: LB1-UW06L
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The Bosch LB1-UW06-D1 & LB1-UW06-L1 is a 6 Watt, 100 volt line general-purpose loudspeaker for indoors.

LB1-UW06-FL1 and LB1-UW06-FD1 have mounting brackets which allow fixing to wall or ceiling.

The LB1UW06 speaker cabinets are constructed from robust, solid MDF (medium density fibre board), covered with a durable, easy-to-clean vinyl in a choice of white: LB1-UW06-L1 or black: LB1-UW06-D1.

The ABS fronts are covered with fine woven cloth in matching color. The angled front baffle results in improved high frequency reproduction in the listening area.

  • 6 watt 100 volt.
  • General-purpose, cost-effective loudspeaker for indoor use.
  • Robust, solid MDF (medium density fiber board) enclosure covered with durable, easy-to-clean vinyl.
  • ABS front covered with fine woven cloth in matching colour.
  • Keyhole wall mounting.
  • Angled front baffle for better sound.
  • Also available with volume control.
  • Finished in black or white.
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