8 durų/8 skaitytuvų komplektas XL dėž., Inner Range INTG-ILAM 8DR-RDR KIT

8 durų/8 skaitytuvų komplektas XL dėž., Inner Range INTG-ILAM 8DR-RDR KIT

Kategorija: Įeigos kontrolė
Gamintojas: Inner range
Modelis: ILAM 8 komplektas XL
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The Integriti Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) offers a complete suite of programmable options to provide advanced high security access control, security area control and door alarm monitoring functions. The ILAM also provides offline intelligence for the connected doors ensuring access control operation is maintained at all times – even if the master controller was to go offline.

The ILAM is used to interface the card Readers and control/monitor up to 8 standard wired Doors or 8 Wireless Readers & Doors or 8 Readers in Lift Cars. It is connected to the Integriti Security Controller (ISC) via the Integriti system RS-485 LAN, or via IP LAN if connected with CLOE modules. (Part 995093)

Flexible Reader Options

The ILAM module supports up to 8 doors and up to 16 Inner Range RS-485 SIFER readers to accommodate entry and exit readers on all doors.

Standard Wired Doors with Offline Intelligence

The ILAM base module supports two standard wired doors/two readers and is expandable up to eight doors/eight readers with the simple addition of door & reader expansion devices connected via Integriti’s unique UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface.

Offline intelligence is also provided via the ILAM’s on board database to provide access control functionality and event logging even if communications to the master controller is severed. Upon re-connection, all buffered events and any programming changes are automatically synchronised with the master controller.

Wireless Door Integration Option

The ILAM is also used for integration with Assa Abloy Aperio, SimonsVoss or Salto Sallis wireless door systems. In this mode up to 8 wireless doors can be managed by the ILAM module via a single connection to the wireless door system. Access permissions and alarm events from these doors are monitored and administered directly from the Integriti System Software. The wireless door systems provide off-line caching for access continuity should its connection to the Integriti system controller be compromised.

Each of the 8 Doors available on the Integriti ILAM module can be configured independently allowing for a mixture of both standard wired and wireless doors to be connected to the module simultaneously.

Power Supply

The power supply requirement is 11 to 14VDC and a range of Integriti enclosures with standard 2Amp or SMART 3Amp or 8Amp Switch Mode power supplies are available. The SMART 3Amp and 8Amp models are fully monitored via the Intelligent LAN Access Module.


  • RS-485 LAN connectivity
  • RS-485 Reader connectivity (up to 16 SIFER or third party OSDP Readers)
  • Reader options to control Doors, Lifts, Areas and User Logon
  • Supports Wiegand card readers up to 88bits
  • Reader outputs with individual self-resetting over current protection
  • UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface
  • Dedicated lock power input
  • External Integriti power supply connection
  • Full monitoring of external Integriti SMART power supplies
  • Heavy duty lock relays
  • Reader Valid & Invalid outputs per reader
  • Door reed & tongue sense inputs per door
  • Door request to enter & exit inputs per door
  • DOTL relay outputs per door
  • Dedicated cabinet tamper input
  • Small PCB size 200 x 95mm
  • Remote firmware upgrade over-the-wire
  • Built-in module locater buzzer
  • Wireless door integration – up to 8 Doors per ILAM

Doors & Expansion Options

  • Expandable to 8 Doors (2 Doors on board)
  • Expandable to 8 Wiegand Readers (2 Readers on board)
  • Expandable to 16 RS-485 Integriti SIFER or third party OSDP Readers via the dedicated RS-485 reader port (If a Wireless Locking System is not being used)**
  • Five enclosure size options provide 2, 4, 6 or 8 Door/Reader configurations
  • Three plug on external power supply options (2A, SMART 3A or SMART 8A Switch Mode)
  • Aperio, SimonsVoss or Salto Sallis integration – up to 8 Doors via dedicated RS-485 reader port
  • Lift button I/O interfacing via optional UniBus Lift interface card** (Up to 96 Floors)

Offline Intelligence

  • Offline intelligence provided for all Wiegand readers and standard lock outputs
  • Offline Access Control database for 100,000 users
  • Offline time periods
  • Offline event database of 100,000 events

Expansion Capabilities

The Integriti Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) features 2 Door interfaces and 2 Wiegand Reader interfaces on-board and is expandable via a UniBus in-cabinet expansion interface providing further Door and Reader interfaces.  The UniBus expansion devices are fitted within the same tamper protected enclosure. Up to 8 Doors and 8 Wiegand Readers or up to 16 Integriti Sifer RS-485 Readers can be connected to the Module.

  • Door Interfaces – Expandable to 8 via UniBus
  • Wiegand Reader Interfaces – Expandable to 8 via UniBus
  • RS-485 Reader Interfaces – Expandable to 16 with Integriti SIFER Readers
  • Up to 8 Salto Sallis doors can be integrated via the ILAMS RS-485 Reader Interface

UniBus In-Cabinet Expansion

UniBus Devices are designed for installation within the same tamper protected enclosure as the UniBus host module. A UniBus host can interface a maximum of six UniBus devices in any combination, provided they are all within the intended functionality of the host module.

UniBus is an innovative in-cabinet bus which allows the connection of Expansion devices, Communications devices and Door & Reader expansion devices on a common Plug & Play bus. UniBus is built on the highly reliable CANBus technology and replaces the need for ribbon cables and specialised connectors.

UniBus Expansion Device – ILAM Compatibility  Chart

 Unibus Device
Compatibility Guide  
 UniBus Host Module
ISC IAC* 8 Zone Expander  ILAM
 8 Zone Expander 2  0 3 0
 8 Relay Expander 4  4 4 2
 2 Door / 2 Reader Expander 0  3 0 3
 16 Floor Lift Interface 6 6 6 6
 RS-232/RS-485 UART 4 4 0 0
 Analogue Expander 6 0 6 0
 2nd Network Interface Card 1 1 0 0


Extra Large Enclosure (XL)

The Extra Large Enclosure (XL) is a universal sturdy metal enclosure designed for general purpose installation of either Inner Range Integriti or Concept equipment. The flexible design allows for the complete range of Integriti or Concept equipment to be fitted in various custom configurations to meet almost any installation requirement.

A range of powered or non-powered models are available.

The XL’s low profile side elevation protrudes less than 90mm from the mounting surface.


  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Designed for universal installation requirements
  • Suitable for Integriti Controllers and Modules
  • Suitable for Concept Controllers and Modules
  • Mounting options for 17Ah or 9Ah Lead Acid Batteries
  • Optional battery holder brackets are available
  • Low Profile design Size 702(L) x 358(W) x 85(D)
  • Suitable for Integriti or Concept medium or large size equipment mounting plates

Designed for the full range of Integriti or Concept Products

  • Integriti Controllers (IAC or ISC)
  • Integriti LAN Modules
  • Integiti UniBus Expansion Devices
  • Concept Controllers
  • Concept LAN Modules
  • Concept Peripheral Devices
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