Autonominis smūgio jutiklis UTC Fire & Security GS620N

Autonominis smūgio jutiklis UTC Fire & Security GS620N

Kategorija: Apsaugos sistemos
Gamintojas: UTC Fire & Security
Kodas: GS620N
Modelis: GS620N
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GS620N smūgio detektorius siūlo įvairiapusį sprendimą įsibrovimų per langą ar duris aptikimui. Jis veikia autonomiškai, gali būti montuojamas 360 laipsnių ašyje, vertikaliai ir horizontaliai, turi reguliuojamą jautrumą.

Aliarmo kontakto galia: 28 VDC – 100 mA
Tamperis: 28 VDC – 100 mA
LED indikacija: Taip
Srovė (neaktyvuotas): 8 mA
Spalva: Baltas
Veikimo atstumas, m: iki 6
Srovė: 2.5 mA (LED išj)
Maitinimas: 8 iki 15 VDC
Veikimo temperatūra, (°C Min/Max): -20/+50
Matmenys, mm: 93 x 30 x 25

At a glance

Stand-Alone Shock Sensor

The GS620N shock sensor offers a versatile solution for detection of forced entry through windows or doors. It can be mounted throughout a 360 degrees axis, vertically and horizontally, by ensuring that the brand logo is readable from left to right.

The GS620N is a latching and LED indicating stand-alone shock sensor which includes adjustable gross attack and pulse count sensitivity. It also features first-to-alarm and second-to-alarm LED indication and provides a selectable walk-test facility.

Superior Detection

Its unique design enables the shock sensor to discriminate between a real break-in attempt and everyday background noise by measuring the shock frequency caused by the displacement in the protected structure.

The sensor is designed to activate (contact will open) when an acceleration greater than 1G is detected. This could be caused, for example by a strong blow, a high speed drill or sawing because the frequencies of these shocks fall within the sensors range of detection.

Adjustable Sensitivity

The analysing capability has two separate detection criteria: gross attack and pulse count. The gross attack threshold is designed to react to a single blow, while pulse count alarms when a pre-selected number of smaller shocks, occuring within a 30 second timing interval is reached. Both detection levels can be adjusted so that the installlation can be fine tuned to the environment and fully tested using the walk test facility. This digital signal processing is designed to eliminate false alarms and assure reliable detection of all types of attacks.

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