Barjeras 100m, 3 spindulių, keičiamas dažnis EB800-ABEN100

Barjeras 100m, 3 spindulių, keičiamas dažnis EB800-ABEN100

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Kodas: EB800-ABEN100
Modelis: EB800-ABEN100
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New Generation 8 digital frequency three beams detector.
Working principle:

The EB800-ABEN series are Three photoelectric detectors designed to provide reliable perimeter security both indoors and outdoors.

It consists of separate transmitters and receivers. The transmitter emits invisible infrared beams with changing frequencies to the receiver. The frequencies change in a certain range to protect beams from disturbance.

This detector uses 3 pulsed infrared beams that are designed to activate an alarm only when 3 beams are simultaneously blocked.
• Three beams
• 8 digital frequency conversion
• Active infrared detector
• Three beams simultaneously blocked inspection
• Infrared LED lighting
• PC engineering plastic material
• Dew and frost proof solution: heating housing
• Other additional function: photic instruction, OK instruction, test terminal
Technical parameters:
Model ABEN50 ABEN100 ABEN150 ABEN200 ABEN250
Detecting distance(outdoor) 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m (indoor) 150m 300m 450m 600m 750m
• Beams: 3 Beams
• Response speed: 50 – 700m/sec adjustable
• Alarm output: 1C relay contact output, contact capability DC30V/0.5A MAX
• Power and voltage: DC12 ~ 24V,AC11 ~ 18V
•Operation current: 35mAmax /35mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax /40mAmax
• Working temperature: – 25℃ ~ 55℃
• Exterior dimension: refer to relevant picture
• Tamper output: 1 Bcontact output, DC30V/0.5A MAX
• Optical axis adjust angle (horizontal): 180°(±90°)
• Optical axis adjust angle (vertical): 20°(±10°)
• Weight: receiver + transmitter: 1.2kg
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