Apsaugos centralė su maitinimo šaltiniu Aritech ATS2099 8-64 zonų

Apsaugos centralė su maitinimo šaltiniu Aritech ATS2099 8-64 zonų

Kategorija: Apsaugos sistemos
Gamintojas: UTC Fire & Security
Kodas: ATS2099
Modelis: ATS2099
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Atsisiųsti specifikaciją
  • Integrated alarm & access control system for up to 32 zones, 4 areas & 16 doors
  • Modular RS485 data bus with continuous polling of up to 16 RAS and 15 DGP
  • PLC with 24 macro logic equations
  • 255 freely programmable outputs
  • Built-in PSTN dialer
  • 2 or 4 state monitored analogue inputs
  • Programming and servicing by PC either directly on site or from a remote location
  • European software
  • Switched mode power supply
  • Steel enclosures
  • EN50131-1 compliant; Enviromental Class 2,Security Grade 1-2-3

Technical Specifications

Product type Integrated Access Control
Panel type Hybrid
No. of keypads / readers 16
Data Gathering Panels (DGP) 15
No. of alarm groups 138
Specified cable WCAT52
Or equivalent
Max no. of inputs 64
Onboard inputs 8
ATS1202 support 3
No. of outputs 255
No. of onboard outputs 12
No. of areas 4
Max. no. of users more than 1000
Users with name 200
Max. no. of cards 11466
10-digit PIN codes 2000
Access control
Standard doors on control panel 16
Door groups 128
Floor groups 64
Intelligent doors on 4-door DGPs 48
Onboard transmission type PSTN
Transmission extension GSM/GPRS/IP
Databus type RS485
Event log
Alarm event log 250-1000
Access event log 10-1000
Operating voltage 13.8VDC
Power supply type 230 VAC
Power supply value 230 V 50 Hz/23 VAC 56 VA
Mainboard current consumption 210 mA @13.8VDC
Max system current 2A
Max aux power current 2A
Glass break fuses 5
Physical dimensions 315 x 388 x 85 mm (W x H x D)
Net weight 5.0 kg
Shipping weight 5.3 kg
Colour Beige
Material Metal
Housing Medium Metal
Vandal proof No
Operating temperature 0 to +50ºC
Relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Environmental Class Class II,​ indoor
IP rating 30
Standards & regulation
Compliancy CE
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