Termostatas vėdinimui LANBERG AK-1505-S 1NO 10A 250VAC 0+60C

Termostatas vėdinimui LANBERG AK-1505-S 1NO 10A 250VAC 0+60C

Kodas: AK-1505-S
Modelis: AK-1505-S
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Atsisiųsti specifikaciją

Housing: Plastic, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Fire resistance: UL 94 V-0
Degree of protection: IP20
Storage & operating temperature: -20°C ~ 80°C
Storage & operating humidity: 10% ~ 90% non-condensing
Color: Grey
Power supply: 120 V ~ 250 V
Maximum switching capacity: 120 V @ 15 A, 230 V @ 10A, 250 V @ 10 A
Power consumption: DC 30 W max.
Sensor type: Thermal bimetal
Adjustable temperature range: 0°C ~ 60°C
Switch temperature difference (hysteresis) :7 K (± 4 K tolerance)
Temperature tolerance: ± 3°C
Contact: A-contact, normally open (NO), closed-loop, snap-action
Resistance: < 10 mΩ
Terminals: Up to 2.5 mm2 pole terminals
Recommended construction of the conductor: Solid (2.5 mm2; AWG 14) & stranded (1.5 mm2; AWG 16)
Maximum tightening force: 0.5 Nm
Service life: > 100 000 cycles
Assembling: Included mounting ear or thermostat clips
Thermostat handles: 4 with spacing compliant with 35 mm DIN rail mount
Mounting ear: Steel plate, flat, 1.0 mm thick, handles compatible with rack standard (10”, 13”, 19” etc.), RAL-9004,~2.5 U, (L x W x H): 43.0 mm x 67.8 mm x 97.3 mm
Accessories: Mounting ear for rack installation, electrical terminal block with 3 x contacts to 10 A, 2 x washers for the screws of the terminal block, 2 x M6 screws, 2 x M6 cage nuts, 2 x M6 plastic cushions, 8 cm transparent cable tie

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